Degree of Bachelor of Science (BSc with distinction)

Degree of Barrister-at-Law (first class honours in company law, equity, advocacy)

Legal Studies Diploma of King’s Inns (honours – first place in criminal law)

City and Guilds Data Processing for Computer Users Certificate: fundamentals (credit); methods and applications (credit)


1978 Raidió Teilifís Éireann, Dublin, senior reporter, TV and radio sub-editor

1987 Raidió Teilifís Éireann, religious affairs correspondent

1990 Raidió Teilifís Éireann, first legal affairs correspondent

1995-2000 Practising barrister, Dublin and Eastern Circuit

2000-2013 Senior assistant editor, The Sunday Business Post, Dublin

2013-2014 New technology student

2015- Writer


I’m a writer, barrister, computer user – and father of 10. In 2015, I obtained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Digital Technology and Design from Dublin Institute of Technology. I also completed the online Law Society course in technology law (including IP law). I have experience of computerised video and radio programme-making and editing techniques, and have scripted, directed, edited and produced my own commercial DVD and audio productions. I designed this website in 1998 – and try to keep it up to date! (Please do NOT respond to any email in the name of Kieron Wood Law or coming from It is SPAM!) The Law Library hauled me over the coals for DARING to set up a website. (They lost!) I'm currently suffering from an incurable neurological condition which is called a “combined tauopathy”.

As a print journalist, I worked in Ireland and England for national and provincial titles and, as a broadcast journalist, I worked in news and programmes. I presented a series for the ITV network in Britain, freelanced for BBC radio and worked for 22 years for the Irish national broadcasting network, Raidió Teilifís Éireann, as a radio and TV reporter, sub-editor and senior correspondent. Subsequently, I practised for five years as a barrister and was then invited to work in a senior editorial role for Ireland’s award-winning business newspaper, The Sunday Business Post.

As religious affairs correspondent for RTÉ, I was awarded the Silver Medal of the Order of Malta. As the first legal affairs correspondent for RTÉ, I was the author of a report on televising the courts, and the first journalist to broadcast pictures of sitting courts in Ireland. I was called to the Irish Bar in 1995. In five years as a practising barrister, I appeared in all the then-existing courts of Ireland, from the District to the Supreme, and was instructed in a number of seminal cases, including the first High Court divorce under the statute and the first marital rape case. I also reported important court cases for the Irish Reports, published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland, and for the Irish Times Law Reports. I now write and edit books and travel articles and am on the Free Legal Advice Centre's roll of honour for advising at FLAC centres for more than three years.

As a journalist, I won the Justice Media award of the Law Society for my 1993 best-selling book The Kilkenny Incest Case (Amazon - ISBN: 1-85371-189-6), which resulted in a change in the Irish law on incest. I won a Justice Media certificate in 2002 for a series of articles on the in camera rule which led the government to change the law. I won my second Justice Media certificate in 2003 for an article on proposals for changes in family law. My third Justice Media certificate in 2004 was for a feature on Ireland’s new Commercial Court. I won my second Justice Media award in 2007 for an article about the restrictions on personal freedoms in the proposed Criminal Justice (Amendment) Bill. My fourth Justice Media certificate, in 2013, was for an article about the public interest defence for restaurant critics.

I’ve written a book about General Dwight D Eisenhower and his wartime driver, Irish woman Kay Summersby (also available as an ebook). In 2018, I prepared the tables for books on Child Law and Labour Law, and in 2019 edited the contents of a book on Refugee Law. My latest book (published by Clarus Press) is on Ireland’s Court of Appeal. I am also the author of Contempt of Parliament (Clarus Press - ISBN (PB): 978-1-905536-43-6), The High Court, A User’s Guide (Four Courts Press - second edition ISBN: 1-85182-588-6) and co-author of Divorce In Ireland (second edition ISBN: 1-904480-047). Family Breakdown - A Legal Guide was also published by Clarus Press (a review in the Law Society Gazette said the book should be “compulsory reading”). I also wrote The Latter Day Saints (Veritas - ISBN: 1-85390-295-0) and the e-book Mitt Romney and the Mormons, available on Amazon.

– and I designed and wrote these pages!

With eight of my nine surviving children and my 12 grandchildren (left to right)
Molly (centre), Sarah (with Mario on knee), Teddy (front), Alex, me with Mario’s twin sister Lola in my arms, Tim (with Izzy waving on his knee), Rían, Tabitha (with Tim’s son Arlo),
Bertie, Amelia, Molly Mac (with Rafa on her knee), Laura with Milo and Roddy (with his hand under Mousie’s muzzle), Billy, and Charlie lying in front. (Grace and Dominic are not in the photo.)

My younger children and some of the older grandchildren (back, left to right) Rían, Billy, Bertie, Roddy, Teddy, Alex, Rafa, Charlie, Grace, Milo;
(front row) Molly MacNicholas, Molly Wood, Amelia and Izzy.

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